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Fourteen: My muse ties up your muse

*this is a totally different time loop, in which Ene is not in the cyber world, but an android that retains her memories and emotions from her human life, unlike Konoha, who lost them, and where none of the Dan members have their eye powers”
It all starts at the Dan’s hideout, Kido was out doing a mission, Seto was at work, Kano was helping Shintaro and Momo fix their a/c at their house, and Marry was with Hibiya and Hiyori at the park. The only two at the base were Ene and Konoha, both lounging around on the couch watching TV. “It’s hot today isn’t it” said the blue girl in her usual, high pitched voice who was sweating bullets. She pulled out a fan from her pocket and opened it, trying to get as much wind to her face as she could. “Mhm” muttered Konoha, who was eating his tray of negima and other assorted goods.
Today was a particularly hot day in the year, it was July 27 and the temperature was at 40*C (105*F). Kido had told them to leave the a/c on medium or else it would overheat and burn the base down. 
Konoha was running out of food so he went back to the kitchen to fetch more. He looked through every cabinet and cupboard but found nothing that peeked his interest so he went to search the Dan member’s room, leaving Ene to watch a boring documentary about architecture by herself. With Konoha shuffling through the drawers, trying to find sustenance, Ene began to think about her human life and how much Konoha looked like her past crush, Haruka. During her thinking process, she was startled by a loud thud that came from Seto’s room. When she went to check, she saw Konoha on the bed, sleeping. She began to examine his features, like his height and reasonable build compared to that of Kano and Shintaro. A thought had come to her mind at that moment, and a smile grew on her face. 
When Konoha awakened from his slumber, he found himself half-naked and tied to the bed posts by the wrists and ankles. Ene sat to his side, with a seductive expression on her face. “Why am I tied up?” asked Konoha. Ene only turned to him and ran her finger down his chest, making the young man tingle. She pulled herself closer to him, now moving to kiss his neck. “E-ene..!” stuttered Konoha as his attempt to escape the binds failed. 
Ene began to move lower down the other’s body, occasionally licking the sweat off of his skin. She made her way to his pants and looked up to him teasingly as she slowly unzipped them. “W-what are y-you…?!?” He was stopped mid-sentence by the sensation of his attacker’s tongue licking his hard-on. “S-stop..E-ene.!” He said as his face began to turn pink, He hadn’t felt this way before. Ene only became stronger with her motion, letting it in and out of her mouth. 
“U-untie me please, Ene” he pleaded as she stroked his private. “But why, when you’re obviously enjoying it..” said the blue android before taking him in again. Helpless and utterly defenseless, he had no choice but to let her have her way with him. He decided to just lie his head back onto the comfy pillow where it rested before, while Ene to take more and more of him in. 
After another minute or so, she looked at him, panting and red-faced. She saw that he wasn’t enjoying it, but he was breathing hard. The area where Ene knelt was wet with her juices, most of it being caught in her stockings. She couldn’t help it anymore, The blue girl loosened her victim’s binds to where he could sit up. They were both red faced and sweating like no tomorrow. In a last, desperate attempt, Konoha lunged his hands forward to let his binds loose, to no avail. Ene, trying to hold in her laughter, began to crawl up his legs and to his face, where she pecked his lips. Konoha, defeatedly, returned the kiss. They became more passionate with their contact and began to swallow each other. 
It was about 2pm, everyone would be back soon, so Ene began to move again. Konoha was responsive this time. She teased him by slowly removing her soaked stockings, making him smile and kiss her again. She slowly sat on him, until he was all the way inside her. She let out a set of loud moans, which aroused the albino android. He took off her shirt and began to mouth her breast, making her moan more as she rode him. He was in control. Ever so slowly, his binds came undone. But, being this far into their union, he didn’t want to stop. Instead, he lifted her off of him and flipped her face down on the bed, and re inserted his piece into her. 
They switched positions every-so-often, almost like a fight for dominance, but Konoha had the upper hand. They were both close to their end. Ene was breathing so hard, she was sure she’d pass out. “I-I’m…gonna…haa..!!” She said as she released her fluids onto him, jittering from her climax. He still continued to pound her, nearing his end. “E-Ene..” He gave four good, hard thrusts and pulled out, releasing his hot fluids on her, then flopped on the bed from exhaustion. 
An hour or two later Kido returned, she found the them fixing Seto’s bed and scrubbing his floor. “What are you guys…!!!” Her eyes widened and she rushed to Ene, who was wiping up her mess. Kido put some of the fluid onto her finger and examined it, and she gave a stern look to the blue android. All she could do was smile out of embarrassment while Konoha left to the kitchen for more food

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  • Title: First Kiss
  • Characters: Kousuke Seto, Kozakura Mary
  • Summary: A short SetoMary one shot; Mary is worried and having thoughts about whether Seto sees her as just a friend or something more while Seto is slightly hesitant about taking their friendship further.
  • Rating: T
  • Author’s Note: This is actually my first SetoMary fanfic so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

This is good, setomary is one of my favorite ships